I apologize for the lack of updates this last week.

Normally my game design work is open — well, when it’s related to my various d20 experiments, I suppose, or when I’ve completed something that I’d like to share. Or when I have announcements. Anyway. I’m doing a lot of “closed” design work.

That means I can’t really talk about what I’m doing until it’s done. I have some things in the works — the ebook for example, which I should be able to talk about some more once I’ve finished editing. It’s a grueling process.

I’m also doing a lot of math stuff which isn’t as interesting to talk about. It’s lists and tables and databases and such. Fun for me, not so much fun to read about.

I’m hosting another tournament-style 4e D&D team deathmatch this weekend. Thankfully there isn’t much I have to do to prepare for that — just working on the rules documentation — I’ll do a write-up if it seems appropriate.

The last event was in August. This one will use a slightly expanded rule base. I really should write about that, huh? It would be handy to reference.