I’ve produced a couple versions of the Duelist — and I’m currently working on another major revision. This one will change the Duelist’s archetype to Ranger, so a player can take advantage of existing Ranger feats that favor Two-Weapon Fighting.

It’s hard to get away from the fact that the Ranger has so many disparate options and builds, and the only thing I can really think to do is accept it and “go with the flow.” This might seem strange after my declaration that the Warlock is a Shadow-user, but I have to point out that the Warlock also has less supplemental support than the Ranger.

It’s hard to argue with Martial Power and Martial Power 2.

So, what’s changing? First of all, the Duelist’s primary abilities are changing from Strength/Wisdom to Strength/Dexterity, and its combat role is changing from Defender-Striker to Striker-Controller. One of my players pointed out that I’ve been making a lot of controller classes lately. I agreed. Controllers are fun.

Next, the Duelist drops the “Weapon Talent” feature — which is arguably a Fighter thing — in favor of a couple different accuracy tricks. I’ve rewritten a couple of the Ranger at-will attack powers to read more easily — they also play nice with feats.

The Duelist is a little bit more “versatile” when it comes to attack powers. In addition to being good with melee basic attacks — those being Strength-based and all that — the Duelist comes equipped with three at-will attacks.

Now the downside to the above versatility is that two of them require the Duelist be wielding two melee weapons. That is what this class is about now. Those of you who are familiar with the dichotomy of the Druid may recognize this. The upside is that if a Duelist wields two weapons, he can utilize all of his at-will attacks.

The Duelist will be another example of a melee-range controller — of which there are comparatively few — I like making melee controllers because they must often accept vulnerabilities in exchange for their cool and otherwise difficult-to-achieve specialties.

You can expect to see a revision to the Scourge at some point in the near future — he really needs an update to bring him back into the fold.