Ongoing coverage of the “Works and Days” campaign.

After pummeling the ruffians into submission, the party recovered their wits and forced some information out of the boys — including the whereabouts of the boy’s hideout.

The party followed the boys back to a rundown tenement, and there they decided to “adopt” the ruffians and take the hideout for themselves. Sorrow and Reverence asserted their “dominance” over the group, and Sorrow shared with the rest of the group her ambition to become a force of acting for the city’s benefit.

Rufio, the leader, described the group as the “Lost Boys.” Each of them had lived in a human village before being abducted and sold into slavery in Thebes, though they all escaped their Tiefling masters and came together to support one another.

Talus set to work managing a “cleanup” effort while the rest of the party returned to the University of Thebes under Sorrow’s leadership.

At the University, the party found a hidden entrance and made their way inside. Wending their way through the halls and passages, the party looked for anyone — a teacher, student, or guard who could take them to the headmaster — to no avail.

Eventually, Malako directed them to a tower where he said the headmaster could be found. After contending with a stunning symbol that protected the door, the party began to search the room — which was empty. We ended the session there.