Monday, July 29th was our third session of Works and Days.

Between sessions, I asked the party if they’d be willing to skip ahead a week so the training of the Lost Boys could be completed and the Rat’s Nest would be a fully-functional command center. They agreed, so we picked up “one week later.”

The first news that reached the party through their new spy network, was that a particularly destructive vigilante was hitting the criminal underworld — setting fires, knocking down buildings, and murdering high-ranking members in bathhouses.

They were a little unnerved. Just a tetch.

It was the first week we started putting to use the adventure guide / encounter map. The group decided to send the Lost Boys out to investigate the “Swallowed by the Earth” hook, and they learned about a string of strange disappearances.

When Malako, Reverence, and Sorrow arrived, they found a building partially collapsed in a sinkhole. They began to search for survivors in the wreckage and accidentally triggered a secondary collapse — trapping Sorrow and Reverence.

Sorrow freed herself, but Reverence passed out from the weight of the collapsed ceiling. With help from Malako, the pair escaped just before the building vanished completely from a tertiary collapse. The sinkhole was a couple hundred feet deep.

The trio decided to find another way underground to search for survivors. They entered a temple of Demeter to look for a rumored catacombs entrance. After the party appealed to the high priestess, they were granted access.

Wending their way through the catacombs, the party discovered a hidden passage with the graves of a dozen warriors. Each grave bore an indecipherable inscription, and each body was interred with a dragon’s tooth.

Just as Sorrow completed rubbings of the inscriptions, the party smelled smoke wafting in from farther down the corridor. They emerged to discover a pair of tieflings fanning a fire, trying to smoke them out. The trio engage them in the camped tunnels…

…And the brigands recognized Sorrow as a princess of Thebes! They ensnared her with nets and fought a retreating battle while Reverence and Malako fought through the smoke and flames. They wounded one brigand, but the other escaped!

Malako and Reverence limped back to the Rat’s Nest to regroup with the others and interrogate the brigand they managed to subdue.