Monday, July 22nd was our second session of Works and Days.

Between sessions, the group worked out some of what they wanted from the young ruffians they recruited, and I elaborated a bit on the motivations of the gang of “Lost Boys” (described in “Tidying the Rat’s Nest”). The party wanted a spy network.

We picked up where we left off the previous week. The party was in a tower in the University of Thebes, searching for the headmaster of the school. Failing to find him (or anything of interest), they began to search the rest of the school.

In the hallways, the party encountered an enormous blue, talking cat. The creature introduced itself as Kikau, and informed the party that the students and the faculty were tending to disaster relief in the city — also that they were trespassing.

The party returned to the Rat’s Nest. To make it a proper headquarters, they set about cleaning and organizing the place, and decided to acquire provisions for themselves and the Lost Boys — they set out for the marketplace.

Here Talus proved the most knowledgeable about where to go to get the best deals on food and equipment — and he led the party to a criminal-controlled market. Malako sought a bathhouse while the others tended to the provisioning.

The party encountered difficulties in securing provisions — when the party attempted to make a large purchase from one of the vendors, the local “boss” was consulted, and their business refused on account the party was led by a “fancy eladrin.”

Talus attempted to intimidate the merchants into cooperating, and Jason created a distraction for the party to escape. When the “distraction” succeeded a little too well, the party tried to intervene to put out the fire.

Things took a turn for the worse when Sorrow got shoved by one of the merchant guards responding to the fire — Reverence assaulted the offending guard.

Meanwhile in a bathhouse nearby — Malako found himself the object of interest to one of the other tieflings. Refusing the man’s amorous advances, Malako found his admirer was not easily dissuaded. Things quickly turned violent and deadly.

Back at the marketplace — despite noble intentions, Sorrow found herself quickly overwhelmed by the merchant guard. Jason took advantage of earthquake damage to bring down one of the buildings on top of the guards — but also on Reverence.

Sorrow, Reverence, Jason, and Talus regrouped after the collapse of the building and the merchant guard retreated. The party seized the provisions they needed and retreated to the relative safety of a nearby bathhouse, where they found Malako after the act of a violent, bloody murder. The party departed back to the Rat’s Nest.