Here’s the Revised Warmage class:
Download: Essentials Warmage (Wizard) v.2

I’ll go on the record to say that I really like controllers. That’s the main reason I’m bummed that the majority of published controller classes really kind of suck. Far too many of them go in for that crappy “cantrip” stuff — that just doesn’t work.

“Versatility” should not be a protected feature of combat role. And neither should “damage” or “effectiveness,” for that matter. *sigh* Anyway.

The first Warmage I posted a week ago was too power-happy. Six powers and no features at level 1 just doesn’t cut it. There have to be a couple passive effects to achieve harmony and balance. Plus, staring at power cards will hurt your eyes.

Heroic Warmage Wizard (Aug 23, 2013)

First change was to drop Transfer Speed, the way I said I would. It had to be done, and that’s that. Clever Force moved up to 1st level. I replaced Power Surge with Empowered Force — a passive bonus to force damage once per turn.

It’s much cleaner this way, and you can actually use it on Force Spike.

Oh, and everything scales properly now! Missile Swarm starts off with two uses of Force Spike at 1st level but picks up a third at 7th. You get your fourth at 17th, and your fifth at 27th, so you can rock magic missile like an old school evoker.

Only a couple things changed beyond 1st level — mostly wording at that. I tweaked Spell Mastery, and Overwhelming Force knocks down on a critical hit instead of dealing extra damage. I left something for Superior Implements to do.

In the end, I think made this class better at what it’s supposed to do, both without changing a lot in the process, and by subtracting rather than adding.

Play at your own risk!