Here’s the Revised Stargazer class:
Download: Essentials Stargazer (Warlock) v.2

I think I regretted the name of the class immediately after I published it to my blog. Apart from the chuckles it got from sounding like “Starkiller,” it just wasn’t evocative enough. It didn’t have a sense of mystery and allure to it.

And shortly after that, I recalled the compound word “stargazer.”

And then I introduced my forehead to the palm of my hand.

Essentials Starcaller Warlock (Aug 5, 2013)

Aside from the name change in the class, there were changes to the names of a few features and powers. The encounter power changed to become Dread Star, which I think sounds more menacing and less silly. Always important.

There were some tweaks all throughout this class — many of them in wording or formatting — but a few in effect as well. Astral Alignment lets you choose to shift yourself, or slide the enemy 1 square. There’s potential for a lot of movement.

Dread Star (mentioned above) got a bit of a nerf. The extra damage is just two per attack, with the potential for some feat support to expand it. You could expect a secondary ability to grant a +2, but my Monday night group and their “exceptional” ability scores reminded me the important of vigilance in these matters.

The big change for me — apart from names and the formatting — was making this class entirely Shadow-powered. It was technically the smallest change, but let’s say perhaps that I was compelled by a sense of duty. Yes, that sounds right.

After I completed the Cultist, there was simply no way I could stand to leave the other Warlock classes to languish in an Arcane-hybrid haze.

Now I need to get after the Hellraiser, and I can take a break from Warlocks.