I feel almost bad that I don’t have an Arkham Horror project slated for this month — I certainly haven’t thought of one anyway. However I figured it might be nice to give you an update on the last few things I did to tweak it, and so forth.

When my father and brother came to visit last week, we sat down to play Elder Sign — it was late, we didn’t finish the game (and Elder Sign is not Arkham Horror) — but it’s important to note because I don’t spontaneously play anymore.

I am fatigued with teaching the rules to new players, and I caught myself skipping sections of the rules, inferring how they worked by comparing them to other games, explaining them as we played, and sometimes only after a particular situation arose.

I like Elder Sign more than a competitive game like Monopoly, but I’m starting to get the same sort of feeling I get when I play a game based so much on chance. I like cooperative games and I enjoy the strategy of Elder Sign, but it’s almost too simple.

By comparison, Arkham Horror has too many pieces and even longer to teach — it takes too long to set up and too long to clean up — I want to play the “larger” game, but it would be nice not to have to deal with the many, many component parts.

At some point earlier this year I started a new revision of the encounters. I stripped down the Common Item, Unique Item, and Spell decks to remove some of the many duplicates, some of the boring or useless stuff, and reevaluate game objectives.

I realized the importance of Tomes to the game’s thematics. Even if they are mostly boring or ineffective or poorly-worded or counter-intuitive, they occupy an important place in the Mythos — and an important place in the game.

So I figured that most instances where spells were found, I would replace them with encounters that provided Tomes — and try to differentiate between Common Tomes and Unique Tomes, much the same as one might differentiate between Weapons.

Speaking of which, in addition to rewriting encounters for Tomes, I’m looking into re-balancing encounters specifically to focus on Tomes, Weapons, and Elder Signs.

I don’t have those changes in the works, but I might. Soon. Maybe. Eventually.