Anyone who’s been following my blog long enough knows I have beef with Wizards. Not the company (well maybe a little), but the Fourth Edition Wizard class. And its many, many variants. I don’t think it’s a very good controller, among other things.

You may remember a while back, I designed the Wayfarer as a direct answer to the problems I saw with the Wizard. The Wayfarer had a familiar built in at level 1, a unique mode of movement, and he added “implement” to his basic attacks.

The Wayfarer (May 9, 2013)

Several of these things were not as good as they initially seemed. First of all, the familiar acted as an implement, but did nothing else — not a good start. Then, a teleport speed proved a difficult concept to convey to players. Also not good.

Finally, and perhaps most heart-wrenching of all, adding the implement keyword to basic attacks only proved to raise more questions than it answered. There was a question of basic damage — 1d4 like an improvised attack, or just ability bonus?

I addressed a few of these problems with my Minstrel revision. Soon, it’ll be time to revise the Wayfarer and put a few more of these problems to bed.

Now I really *get* why so many of the Fourth Edition magic-users gain basic attack replacements and stand-ins instead of features that modify basic attacks. It’s just… Difficult. And that is why it is such a tragedy. *sigh*

Anyway, before I go back to work on it, I just thought I’d leave you with this — a 1st-level Warmage receives no class features — but instead gets six powers. Four Standard, one Move, and one “No action.” I don’t think I’ve design a Wizard I really want to play, but we’ll get there. One of these days, I know we’ll get there.