Welcome to the first post of the first day of the first-ever Mythos Month!

That’s a lot of firsts! I promise I won’t write one of these every time I have a first-something for the next year as I introduce the monthly themes, then again I can’t promise that I won’t break that promise the moment it’s convenient to do so.

Mythos Month observes the birthday of one Howard Phillips Lovecraft, better known by the initials HP, and celebrates his contributions to literature.

Many of Lovecraft’s works fall into a subgenre of speculative fiction “Weird Fiction,” which blends elements of horror, science fiction, and fantasy. There’s often a surreal element as well, and Weird Fiction is sometimes used to refer to “Slipstream.”

If you aren’t already familiar with any of that — maybe you’re familiar with Cthulhu? He’s the big green guy with the face full of tentacles. He isn’t quite the Davy Jones character from the Pirates of the Caribbean series, but close enough.

All throughout the month of August I’m going to be writing and talking about Cthulhu, and Weird Fiction, and weird stuff in general. Games and monsters and such.