Over the last four months, I’ve created about twenty-five new character classes for Fourth Edition Dungeons & Dragons. Admittedly, not all of them are playable.

Here they are, organized by primary role.

Striker (6)
Brawler v.2, Martial Striker-Controller
Hellraiser v.1, Arcane Striker-Defender
Poisoner v.1, Martial Striker
Stalker v.1, Martial/Primal Striker
Starcaller v.1, Arcane/Shadow Striker-Controller
Witchknife v.1, Arcane Striker-Defender

Defender (3)
Duelist v.1, Martial Defender-Striker
Hospitaler v.1, Martial/Divine Defender
Mesmer v.2, Arcane Defender-Controller

Leader (3)
Captain v.2, Martial Leader
Healer v.1, Divine Leader
Minstrel v.1, Arcane Leader-Controller

Controller (2)
Wayfarer v.1, Arcane Controller-Striker
Lifedrinker v.2, Shadow Controller-Defender

Some of the classes are far from complete, some mere level-one write-ups, or else highly experimental in nature and thus are unsuitable for extended campaign play.

These I’ve separated from the rest, for what I hope are obvious reasons.

Early Experiments (11)
Archer v.1, Martial Striker
Elementalist v.1, Elemental Controller
Incarnate v.1, Primal Leader
Jester v.1, Shadow Controller
Lurker v.1, Psionic Striker
Monk v.1, Divine Leader
Necromancer v.1, Shadow Controller
Ranger v.2, Martial/Primal Leader
Scourge v.1, Martial Controller
Warfighter v.1, Martial Striker
Warrior v.1, Martial Defender