Here’s the Heroic Warmage class:
Download: Essentials Warmage (Wizard) v.1

The Warmage is unprecedented among my newer classes as being all-powers-and-no-features at 1st level. The first class feature the Warmage receives is at 5th level. Before that, the class gets mostly at-will attacks, and a couple utilities.

For starters, we have the Telekinesis power array — made up of Force Spike, Spectral Barrage, and Transfer Speed. Much like the Wayfarer, this class is a striker-controller wielding lots of Force powers. I’d almost call it a replacement.

Power Surge is the Warmage’s striker power, and you might not be surprised to learn that it draws inspiration from the Monk’s “Flurry of Blows.”

Power Surge [Arcane, Force]
No action * At-will * Special
Trigger: You hit an enemy with an arcane force attack.
Effect: One creature hit by the triggering attack takes extra force damage equal to 2 + your Wisdom modifier.
Special: You can use this power only once per turn.

As written, Power Surge will work with Spectral Barrage or Transfer Speed, but not Force Spike — you don’t roll an attack for Force Spike, which means you can’t “hit” with it. You have to risk something to gain anything.

Looking at this class after a week, I see a lot of things that should probably change. Transfer Speed is ostensibly inspired by the Artificer power “Drain Speed,” and it should probably deal Necrotic damage too. I like the idea of using “pure force” to transfer momentum from one creature to another, but a precedent’s a precedent.

Of course, changing them would leave the Warmage with exactly one Force attack, necessitating a change in Power Surge — which wouldn’t be a terrible thing. It could easily be a class feature that adds the Warmage’s Wisdom modifier to damage.

Force Spike admittedly doesn’t belong in the Telekinesis array, and with Transfer Speed changing, I should probably break up the trio in its entirety. Oh, and you may have noticed none of the powers scale by level. Like, at all. They wouldn’t fit.

If Missile Swarm were to scale like a normal encounter power, it would enable you to use Force Spike four times at Paragon tier, and five times at Epic tier.

What I may ultimately do is drop Transfer Speed entirely, since it doesn’t quite fit the mold — and find another feature that fits the class better. It’s important sometimes to have these classes that don’t quite work, so you can take them apart and figure out why. The Warmage is almost done. What it lacks now is polish.