So, I want to make some cool DnD stuff to tie in with “Mythos Month,” and I started looking around for some character classes that might be fun to design and play.

Here are some ideas I have that I want to get started on:

Cancer Mage, inspired by the 3.x prestige class
Dreamwalker, probably a striker-controller with phasing
Entropomancer, inspired by the 3.x prestige class
Pseudonaturalist, a hideous, tentacle-armed defender
Shadowtwin, probably a striker-defender of some sort
Symbiologist, inspired by the 3.x Eberron symbionts
Ur-Priest, inspired by the 3.x prestige class
Vermincaller, inspired by the 3.x “Vermin Lord” class

I’ll take a little time to hash out what I like and what I expect from the classes, see how they fit around each other, and then get cracking on them. I’d love to play around with the largely-untouched design space that is the Far Realm.

Good times!