Friday, Fantasy Flight Games announced a new game in the Arkham Horror line called Eldritch Horror. At first I thought it was another “big box” expansion for Arkham Horror due to its name — it follows the theme naming of Dunwish Horror, Kingsport Horror, Innsmouth Horror, and Miskatonic Horror.

Eldritch Horror however, is an entirely new game.

The game trailer discusses gameplay, but not in any real depth. I’m interested in how the “mysteries” system described in the trailer works — but I’m doubtful about the statements the game will be easy to jump into for new players — Elder Sign is simple compared to Arkham Horror, but none of their games are “easy.”

Just looking at the pieces shown in the video and scanning the cards as they appear, it looks like the game will likely incorporate “investigation”-based mechanics similar to other games in the series — players move from place to place collecting odds and ends to assemble a victory against the Monster of the Week.

Could be fun.

As I said the other day, I’m no longer clamoring to play Arkham Horror or Elder Sign — a lot of the magic has worn off — and I won’t rush to acquire a copy of Eldritch Horror. I haven’t even played Mansions of Madness, I haven’t even heard that much about it.

So am I excited? I wouldn’t say that — but I’m not disdainful. Let’s say I’m interested but I’m not holding my breath. All games will be played in their due time.