Here’s the Heroic Templar class:
Download: Essentials Templar (Cleric) v.1

The Templar rewrite is my first piece of Patreon content.

Wow, I was just talking about this earlier today. I’m really surprised by how quickly it came together. Actually, the class borrows and modifies unabashedly from numerous existing features and powers, but the important thing was bringing them together.

See, the classic Templar is a finicky class that’s mostly a leader with some controller tendencies — but you have to know which powers to pick. The Essentials Templar here removes all the ambiguity of playing a hybrid leader-controller class.

I told you earlier about the Word of Healing power, how and why I wrote it the way it is — so I’ll skip ahead to the next stuff I developed. Divine Command is a rewrite of the Cleric’s “Command” encounter power — and here is the class’s “schtick.”

Gone are the classic “Channel Divinity” powers, including the “Turn Undead” attack power of situational importance. Instead the Templar conveys his deity’s authority through the power of speech. Speaking of Speech, you’ll see Command is also a Speech power — Speech powers don’t work while you’re deafened.

Channel Divinity isn’t totally gone however, it’s now an at-will blast attack that may seem suspiciously similar to the Arcanist’s “Thunderwave” power… This is completely intentional of course, and Thunderwave was chosen because it contained just the right elements of Turn Undead to be a fantastic, all-purpose Templar attack.

Righteous Brand is back, but you’ll notice a few changes — the power uses Wisdom instead of Strength, can now be used with either a Melee *or* Ranged weapon, and provides a boost to *all* weapon attacks, not merely melee attacks.

Templars have two 1st-level features. One turns their holy symbol into a shield — appropriately named Shield of Faith — and the other, Healer’s Comfort, replaces Healer’s Lore but provides the same essential effect.

You may recognize an encounter-version of the Cleric daily utility “Blessing” — here called Battle Blessing. I like encounter powers a lot more than I like daily powers. At 6th level the Templar picks up Divine Sanctuary, an encounter utility with the Ward keyword that provides the same essential effect as “Sanctuary.”

The Templar’s capstone utility is Sign of the Shattered Spear, which is inspired by the Invoker encounter attack power, “Symbol of the Broken Sword.” Here however, the Templar can affect multiple enemies in a blast, and apply a more significant penalty than “can’t make non-basic attacks” which is a poor debuff against any monster.

Check it out, I think you’ll like this Heroic-tier replacement of the Templar.

As always, play at your own risk.