If you’re following my Patreon account, you’ll be aware of a couple classes I have in development that haven’t been posted on my blog — namely the Demigod and most recently, the Dreamwalker and the Janissary.

Each of these classes will find its way onto the blog in due time.

If you aren’t following my Patreon account however, I recommend you check it out. It’s possible to sign up for an account and pledge nothing — just follow — the activity on my page. If you’re feeling generous, you might consider making a pledge.

I am currently running this site out of my own pocket, and I make all of the content of my website available to the greater Internet for free — but it isn’t free for me. I invest time and energy into researching and creating everything you see.

My current goal is about four pieces of content a month — at one dollar per content update, you’re only pledging about four dollars a month — which is considerably less than you might pay for a subscription to … well, pretty much anything.

Plus, I’m right here for you to direct all your unmitigated rage.

As a bonus — if you’d like to pledge more than a dollar, let’s say three bucks or more — I’ll set aside some space on my site to thank you, and give you a shout-out whenever I post mu content update back here.

And if you’re worried that I might go nuts and start posting content updates with abandon — you can limit your pledge amount per month. If you decide the content isn’t worth it, you can berate me here and withdraw your pledge on Patreon.

*ahem* Hopefully it won’t come to that.

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