Following my post on a “Shadow-Powered Warlock,” this is how I would organize the classes by their respective power sources:

Martial (9)
Fighter (weaponmaster, knight, slayer), Ranger (classic, hunter, scout), Rogue (scoundrel, thief), Warlord.

Arcane (11)
Artificer, Bard (classic, skald), Sorcerer (classic, elementalist), Swordmage, Wizard (arcanist, bladesinger, mage, sha’ir, witch).

Divine (7)
Avenger, Cleric (templar, warpriest), Paladin (classic, cavalier), Invoker, Runepriest.

Primal (8)
Barbarian (classic, berserker), Druid (classic, protector, sentinel), Shaman, Warden, Seeker.

Psionic (4)
Ardent, Battlemind, Monk, Psion.

Shadow (7)
Assassin (classic, executioner), Blackguard*, Warlock (classic, binder, hexblade), Vampire.

*Paladin variant.

Classes with Essentials versions but not new names are simply listed as “classic.”

There are a number of classes on here that function as “hybrids” of one or more power sources. The Hunter and Scout for example, are martial/primal hybrids. The Executioner is a martial/shadow hybrid. And so forth.

While it raises an interesting question about which power source might be “dominant” in a given hybrid, I think most of them show clear favoritism one way or the other.