About a week ago, I made a list of all the tabletop roleplaying games I could remember participating in over the last ten years. The list actually turned out a bit longer than I expected, but that works in my favor for what I intend to do with the list.

See, I hit a snag recently while trying to plan out a series of adventures. I filled in bits of the middle, bits of the end, and bits of the beginning — but it just didn’t feel like a series. Instead it felt like bits of other stories just sort of crammed together.

I figured I needed a bit of practice planning out a series and I didn’t like the idea of doing a bunch of research, as I did with Guild Wars Prophesies.

Prophesies Adventure Path (Jun 19, 2013)

Instead, I thought I’d make the most of my memory and recreate (in outline form) as much of the campaigns I could remember playing, and extrapolate the overall campaign arc where the campaign failed to conclude — which includes nearly every roleplaying campaign I’ve played or hosted. *shrug* What can you do?

I took a bit of a personal day yesterday and drafted an outline for an extensive Big Eyes, Small Mouth campaign in which I was a player. I’ll admit that at first, I remembered very little of the initial adventures or even our characters’ motivations.

Oh, I remembered our characters just fine. I just couldn’t remember what we did, or why. While I jotted down the bits that I could remember — which spanned the entire game of several years — other memories drifted back ever so gradually.

Ultimately, I recalled that I missed the entire “middle half” of the campaign, and saw only its beginning and climactic conclusion. That worked out just fine for me in the end however, since I was able to easily tie the parts I could remember together.

I don’t know if I’ll wind up sharing the results of my “series planning practice” since I’ve taken a lot of liberties with the original stories. Speaking of which, I took an awful lot of liberties in the outline for the first D&D campaign I ran, which turned out to be significantly more complex than I felt I could adequately summarize in outline form.

The great work continues!