Sorrow and Reverence saw the benefit to keeping around some sturdy types like Jason, Malako, and Talus. For the princess’s safety, the pair decided not to reveal their “true” identities but it was pretty clear right away that the two were somehow important. Jason and Talus suspected the tieflings were at least aristocrats.

Sorrow led the group to a chaotic knot of citizens one street over, where a fire had trapped some people inside a perfume shop. Though Reverence tried to stop her, Sorrow charged into the building alongside Malako in order to rescue the people inside. Together they saved a couple of tiefling children and an older tiefling.

Meanwhile Talus solicited sympathy from the gathered crowd. He talked a good talk, and by the end the people were practically throwing their money at him. Jason determined that several buildings surrounding them were unstable. Together, the players herded the mob away from the fire and collapsing structures.

With everyone more or less safe, Sorrow announced her plan to take refuge at the University of Thebes. Malako saw an opportunity and pretended to be a student — leading the party to the University with only his wits and a rudimentary knowledge of the city’s history. They made the trip unscathed, putting out fires on the way.