This deck was inspired by an imaginary pool that included 6 rares, 18 uncommons, and 60 commons — and draws considerably from cards I actually own. I estimated my luck wouldn’t give me more than half that number in usable rares or uncommons, and no more than one extra copy of a given (useful) common.

You may note the absence of Giant Growth. Though I own quite a few copies of the card from multiple editions and expansions, I doubt my luck in a sealed tournament would give me one — it happened to my brother-in-law at the last prerelease. I’d see plenty of small creatures and some buffs — but no Giant Growth.

The construction is actually quite similar to a White-Black Evasion deck I built in the M12 pre-release tournament. I picked three rares and six uncommons — well within the largely-arbitrary card pool restriction I set for myself.

Unholy Enchantress Deck
Unlimited Edition only

Basic Lands (17)
x7 Forests
x10 Swamps

Artifacts (1)
x1 4 – Jayemdae Tome (R)

Creatures (12)
x1 4GG – Craw Wurm (C)
x2 3G – Giant Spider (C)
x1 2G – Ley Druid (U)
x1 G – Scryb Sprites (C)
x1 3GG – Thicket Basilisk (U)
x1 1GG – Verdunn Enchantress (R)

x1 3B – Bog Wraith (U)
x2 2B – Frozen Shade (C)
x1 1BB – Hypnotic Specter (U)
x1 B – Will-O’-The-Wisp (R)

Enchantments (6)
x1 BB – Fear (C)
x1 2B – Gloom (U)
x1 B – Paralyze (C)
x2 B – Unholy Strength (C)
x1 B – Weakness (C)

Sorceries (1)
x1 xG – Stream of Life (C)

Instants (3)
x1 B – Dark Ritual (C)
x1 1B – Simulacrum (U)
x1 1B – Terror (C)

The deck has a minor Evasion theme — the Sprites, Specter, and Wisp all have flying, the Wraith has Swampwalk, and Fear can be used to make one of the other creatures more difficult to block. Unholy Strength is there for offense.

There’s some mixed Removal — the Basilisk has Deathtouch, and the trifecta of Paralyze, Terror, and Weakness can be used to neutralize enemy creatures. There are a couple defensive spells like Simulacrum and Stream of Life. Gloom can slow down the deck’s main opposition (enchantment removal) coming from White.

There’s some card-drawing in there too — with the Tome and the Enchantress.

I really like this deck because there aren’t a lot of repeated cards and there’s an interesting variety of effects. I have some basic ideas about how it would play but it was constructed entirely on paper using arbitrary construction rules.