On a whim, I revisited the Warfighter class. Yes, that Warfighter.

The Warfighter (Apr 5, 2013)

That whim was inspired by one of my players taking the Warfighter too seriously — see, I thought it would be funny to sit around and joke about the Warfighter being an appropriate class for so-and-so because of XYZ reasons. But he wanted someone to actually play one. To apply a theme and a path and an destiny and stuff.

So I wondered if there was a way to make the class like a real class.

Here’s the Heroic Brawler class:
Download: Essentials Brawler (Fighter) v.1

The Brawler takes the basic features I introduced with the Warfighter and removes most of the really ridiculous stuff that I put in to make fun of People Who Complain About Games They Don’t Play. And I think it really works.

First, I had to drop Plate armor because there’s a precedent with the Fighter/Paladin dynamic — and if a player really wants Plate armor they’ll qualify for it easily with the combination of Strength and Constitution as key ability scores.

Battlefield Momentum is new. Though it’s unlikely the Brawler will miss every target with his attacks given his pretty awesome accuracy, I’ll admit there are some days the dice don’t like me — and this is for those times. Ensured forced movement. Yum.

I dropped Great Cleave in favor of Overrun Critical, which is kind of a Boring, but Practical feat for any Martial-powered class. The feat has the downside of requiring the character to be charging when they score the critical hit — I didn’t see how that was really necessary. Plenty of cheap magic items knockdown on a critical hit.

The Bonus Feats were dropped because the Brawler should actually want to take some feats in my opinion, and maybe they’ll want to take a specialty Expertise feat — I don’t know. They should have the opportunity to do that if they want to — plus bonus feats are boring. You know what’s cool though? Whirlwind Attack.

And what is cooler than trading Great Cleave for Whirlwind Attack? I mean, you still get the great 3.x reference, and you don’t have to step on anyone’s (the Barbarian’s) toes in the process. He still gets his at-will or whatever that was.

For their 2nd- and 6th-level utility powers, the Brawler gains additional uses of Second Wind. It’s another dose of Boring, but Practical. A Dwarf will love it though — or any other race, feat, ally, or theme that enhances or rides the Second Wind power. There are a few, I’m sure you can find them. Maybe a multiclass Warden for fun?

The Brawler’s apotheosis occurs at 10th level, when they gain Total Offense. This feature is styled to contrast with the Total Defense option/power and reflect the 3.x “Total Attack” option for iterative/natural/TWF attacks. Speaking of which…

I wonder how hard it would be to style a class after the 3.x method of Two-Weapon Fighting? Maybe I’ll take a crack at simplifying the Essentials Scout class?

As always, play at your own risk.