So I had this idea.

When I was working on the Guild Wars classes, I knew I wouldn’t have room for all the things I wanted to put into the class — there are lots of skills after all — and that if I wanted to emulate “dual professions” in Guild Wars, I was going to have to come up with something. That something was like, “mini classes” within character themes.

I picked an attribute that I thought each profession should have more or less to itself — Beast Mastery for Rangers, Blood Magic for Necromancers, Domination Magic for Mesmers, and so forth — and I would make the other attributes into themes.

Cool idea. Didn’t happen.

A couple of my players asked if I had designed any of the themes I had talked about making. I’ve been busy, so really the answer was “no.” I’ve had a bunch of ideas here and there, but my work on themes has been pushed back multiple times.

But the other night I was thinking, classes really could be made into themes, I’d just have to like, pick one. I figured I’d start with some of the Third Edition classes. I think they’re all kind of one-dimensional — it should be a fairly straightforward process.