The “Cloistered Collector” is the antagonist to the “Unholy Enchantress” deck. It’s designed to represent a slower-moving, if methodical opponent. “Cool, calm, and collected” is the unifying idea here — with a couple creatures that only become creatures with the expenditure of mana (the Jade Statues).

This deck was otherwise built on the same basic rules as the other — limited access to desirable cards, and few to no duplicates. I avoided adding direct countermeasures to UE, just as I avoided cards that would easily disarm this deck — with the exception that the antagonist ought to have the upper hand for the sake of dramatic tension.

The Circle of Protection, Paladin, and Knights are in the deck for just that purpose.

Cloistered Collector Deck
Unlimited Edition only

Basic Lands (17)
x9 Plains
x8 Islands

Artifacts (6)
x1 3 – Disrupting Scepter (R)
x2 4 – Jade Statue (U)
x1 1 – Library of Leng (U)
x1 6 – Obsianus Golem (U)
x1 1 – Sol Ring (U)

Creatures (8)
x3 W – Benalish Hero (C)
x1 2WW – Northern Paladin (R)
x1 2W – Pearled Unicorn (C)
x1 WW – White Knight (U)

x2 2U – Prodigal Sorcerer (C)

Enchantments (5)
x1 3W – Castle (U)
x1 1W – Circle of Protection: Black (C)
x1 1W – Island Sanctuary (R)

x1 2UU – Control Magic (U)
x1 2UU – Steal Artifact (U)

Instants (4)
x2 xU – Power Sink (C)
x1 U – Twiddle (C)
x1 U – Unsummon (C)

There’s a pretty clear anti-Black theme here, as suggested above. There’s also an artifact vibe — six here as compared to the one in the other — and a Control theme. The Collector will Twiddle, Unsummon, Sink, Steal, or Control his way to victory.

In the meantime, he’ll retreat to his Sanctuary and “stagnate” for a bit if he needs to avoid attack, and he has Castle, a number of Heroes as minions, and Sorcerers to “Tim” the opponent. And the Scepter is there to exert more control.

I’m less confident in this deck than the other — I don’t typically play White and I’m not especially good at running Control — but this deck was built to look mean. If I had access to Pacifism, you can bet it would be in there — and I had to talk myself out of Swords to Plowshares so I could add other mean uncommons.