Game of Roles: The Duelist (May 22, 2013)

A little over a month ago, I posted the Duelist class. I revisited the class yesterday while I was compiling the remix list, and saw it could use an update. I cleaned up portions of the rules language and I upgraded the Duelist Gambit power.

Here’s the updated Heroic Duelist class:
Download: Essentials Duelist (Fighter) v.2

Couple notes — Duelist Gambit now adds extra dice of damage, and improves with age. Both Duelist Gambit and Deflecting Parry now contain a bit of clarifying text to make it possible to hit enemies that are technically beyond the Duelist’s reach.

(Clarifying rules text inspired by the Beast Protector feat.)

I revised the Duelist’s role in light of my “Tier System for Roles” concept. While the Duelist’s features include a number of important defender traits, it ultimately lacks a true “damage prevention” mechanic. While the Duelist has great Opportunity and Immediate options, it focuses a great deal on offense rather than defense.

The Duelist seems pretty evenly split between the striker and defender roles, so the class traits/summary box now reflects this. What is a defender, I wonder? I don’t know yet if I’ll come back to the other remixed classes, but I hope I don’t have to, I’d like to think they’re strong enough to stand on their own.

Now that the Player’s Handbook class remix is finished, I’m looking at remixing the Player’s Handbook 2 classes as well — maybe not with the same vim as before.

Much as I enjoy reworking the classes — simplifying them; streamlining difficult, annoying, or broken features or mechanics; revitalizing core mechanics — I feel like I’m running in circles. Nobody is reading or using these classes, nobody cares. What good comes of these apart from my own development?

Experimentation does that, I suppose. Most of this won’t matter until a few years down the line when I’ve produced my own game and people are interested in how I started.