The other day I completed a new region for my map of mythical Greece. The region reflects an area known in Antiquity as “Ozolian Locris,” home of the western Locrians. Legends suggest there was once a larger Locrian state that spanned eastern and western Locris, but they weren’t known for doing a whole lot as a people.

Locris was effectively bisected by the regions of Doris and Phocis in ancient times — but these regions weren’t really known for anything they produced so much as they were known for their cultural significance. There were several important oracles in the string of mountain ranges running through Phocis and Locris.

Now, the significance of my completion of this region is more to do with the fact that it’s one of the intermediate maps between mainland Greece and the Peloponnese. It set off a couple instances of re-mapping for regions I’d already finished — Phocis and Boeotia. The former, a bit more substantial than the latter.

When I started mapping the regions, I began with Boeotia and tried to find a certain minimum number of ancient settlements to frame the area around. This was important for a couple reasons, not the least of which was the research into various locales and customs throughout Greece. I got better with each map, but Phocis was second.

I did a really bad job with my map of Phocis. I tried to research a number of towns and settlements but the biggest deal there seemed to be Delphi, and everything else kind of fell by the wayside. I did what I could, and left the rest to deal with later.

Of course after a year of running adventures in and around Phocis (and Boeotia, and the northern Peloponnese), I finally feel like I might have a better idea of how places connect and interact. So it was time to revise, and revise I did!

The region of Phocis changed a lot — I added a town or two and dropped a couple towns. The landscape changed as I moved a couple mountains over to be in other regions. Boeotia changed a lot less — most of the changes were in the landscape, rather than the settlements. Now I feel ready to tackle some new regions.

Soon I hope to finalize a map that includes Calydon, and another that includes Lamia. I’m slowly working my way northward, toward Mount Olympus. The region just north of Phocis will have the mountain where the Titans camped out during their war with the Olympians. That’s a pretty cool prospect, I must say.