I have written so little about Star Wars that I literally have no categories set aside, which seems strange to me considering how influential the series and related media have been to my life. Ah well, I guess there’s no time like the present.

Maybe six months ago, I did some research into the physics of firearms to better understand how they worked, so that I might better represent them in a turn-based combat system. I developed new cover and concealment rules, which are groovy.

I also worked with the players in my D&D group to come up with some classes for a Star Wars game that the group was interested in — since I’ve spent so much time working on character classes lately, I thought I’d try to put something on paper.

Off and on throughout Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, I organized and developed features and powers for the classes we came up with over the winter — the Soldier, Enforcer, Marksman, Scoundrel, Trooper, Grenadier, Engineer, and Marshal.

Two classes are defenders, two strikers, two controllers, and two leaders. The way we originally imagined them, there were more eh, more powers involved. The classes I’ve built are a lot more oriented around their equipment and basic powers.

Now, if I had remembered to email myself the project files, I could have probably uploaded something for you to see today, but that isn’t how it went down, so I won’t have anything for you to see until tomorrow at the earliest.

After all the work I’ve done on Martial classes recently, this was an interesting project to work on — rather than make the Force a power source and try to build classes around it, I thought a better approach would be to make Force Sensitivity a thematic element that could be added to any existing class.

Races and themes will come second however, classes are taking a priority.