The Fourth Edition Wizard sucks, as do most of its multiple spin-offs. The main problems are in the fact that its control powers are locked away in encounter and daily powers, and that its so-called versatility doesn’t uh, “versatile” or whatever.

I’ve been working on a wizard fix for a while now.

Here’s the heroic Wayfarer class for reference:
Essentials Dungeons & Dragons Wayfarer Class (v0.1)

This is the second in a series of “remix” designs that are intended to show what some of the “classic” Player’s Handbook character classes might look like if you trimmed the fat and somehow made sure they actually did what they’re supposed to do.

First things first, the wayfarer has a familiar. This familiar doesn’t suck. Call Familiar is based on a previous design “Call Beast Companion,” that showed up in my Guild Wars Ranger class. It provides the wizard with an auto-upgrading implement.

You might look at Telekinesis and think, “Aha! Here are the control powers!” But you’d be half-right. Force Spike is the true control power. Force Spike is indeed a minion-killer, but it’s more than that. You can tease a lot of damage from this power using superior implements like the Guardian Staff or Petrified Orb.

And speaking of implements, you’ll notice Implement Mastery is basically what it should have been all along. It allows a wayfarer to use implements to make basic attacks — I mean, what more did you really need? Oh, you can use Intelligence for attack and damage? Wow, the wizard can participate in combat now!

Inertial Barrier is like the Shield utility power but adds force resistance to the mix. You also totally get extra uses as you advance in level. It’s handy! And later on in the heroic tier, you can use it to send enemies that engage you in melee flying away!

Finally, we come to one of the deceptively simple class features, Dimension Step. The feature gives the wayfarer a teleport speed of 1. That might sound close to useless, but the important thing to remember is any bonus to speed increases your teleport speed. That means you can “run” to teleport 3 squares.