Why would you want to waste your players’ time wedging a contrived, “daily-powered” crafting system into a game that went to such great lengths to simplify item creation? Why emphasize the consumable (yet renewable) nature of poisons when the damage type system was created to streamline and balance damage?

The poisoner answers these questions with, “huh, duh?”

Here’s the heroic Poisoner class for reference:
Essentials Dungeons & Dragons Poisoner Class (v0.1)

When I started work on this class, it was because I felt guilty for not having made any headway on the Star Wars classes since the weekend. I had an idea pop into my head like a blow-dart suddenly sticking out of my neck. As more ideas rushed to mind, I realized I was going to have to drop whatever I was doing and do this.

I initially based the design of the poisoner on the executioner (Heroes of Shadow) but switched to rogue when I realized I wanted to borrow the Artful Dodger class feature. Borrow might be a little too subtle. More like thievery. I rolled. You can check.

What I decided to do was make the poisoner the first in a series of “remix” classes, taking “classic” versions of the fighter, cleric, ranger, rogue, paladin, warlock, warlord, and wizard, and reinterpreting their features and powers.

Despite favoring Dexterity and Charisma, the poisoner is pretty relaxed about its reliance on those abilities. Weapon Finesse can be used with any one-handed weapon (melee or ranged), and the poisoner gets extra damage with any weapon.

Where this class gets awesome is when you acquire any fairly standard magic weapon (let’s say cold, fire, or lightning) — due to the fact that damage types combine to form a new types, this class becomes the most reliable striker EVAR. Radiantpoison much?

Also, I’ll admit this isn’t the first rogue class I’ve designed that doesn’t have Sneak Attack. It’s probably only the second, but I have to admit the idea of a rogue that doesn’t Sneak Attack is too hilarious to pass up — they do get Backstab though.

Knockout Poison and Poison Healer are a couple of odd powers, largely in there as an experiment in utility powers. Of course the first “utility” a poisoner gets is poison resistance, plus the ability to straight-up ignore the poison resistance of enemies.

This is a very straightforward class, elegant in its simplicity. The poisoner does poison damage. It does it a lot, and it does it well. What else do you need to know?