So I wanted to wrap up my remix classes. That usually isn’t the best attitude to have when you go into a creative project, but that’s how it was with my Paladin remix.

Here’s the Heroic Hospitaler class:
Download: Essentials Hospitaler (Paladin) v.1

One of my other players expressed an interest in playing a class that had a power similar to the Guardian character theme — except as an “class thing” rather than a “theme thing.” It involves taking a hit for a nearby ally. I was down.

With the need for a Paladin remix, and the need to experiment with “Guardian”-type powers, I created Shield of Sacrifice. It isn’t like the “Guardian’s Counter” power at all, to be totally honest — but it is very much a Paladin power.

As an immediate reaction, you can lose a healing surge when an ally within five squares has taken damage from an attack, to grant the triggering ally temporary hit points equal to your surge value. It has a better range than “Lay On Hands.”

I don’t know that I really like the idea of a class having access to more than one sort of damage mitigation effect unless that’s part of their class’s schtick (like the Monk or the Healer, for example), so the Hospitaler has mostly the one power.

Important to note is the fact that temporary hit points don’t count toward hit point total, meaning that a bloodied ally with THP is still considered bloodied, which enables the Hospitaler’s Zealous Fervor — and who doesn’t like a +1 bonus to attack rolls?

Which is not to say the Hospitaler doesn’t have plenty of other great stuff going for it. Plate proficiency is hard to come by, but it’s a hallmark of the Paladin archetype. The Hospitaler prefers the use of a shield, as it’s a requirement for at least one power.

Bless Weapon draws influence from the Artifier’s “Magic Weapon” power, though here it only grants a bonus to damage, however using the Hospitaler’s primary ability score — kind of a big deal. The Hospitaler likes having allies nearby.

I borrowed quite a bit from the 3.5 Paladin class when working on the Hospitaler — Divine Health at 1st level provides the class with a bonus to surge value, and the Aura of Courage feature at 6th level grants the Hospitaler immunity to Fear.

Incidentally, Fear immunity is not totally unprecedented in Fourth Edition, it’s merely difficult to find. The odd power or magic item grants immunity to Fear effects. The Hospitaler has immunity, and grants a defense bonus to allies nearby.

While I don’t think I will ever be quite as proud of any class design as the Hellraiser, I do like what came out in the Hospitaler design. Take a look.

Play at your own risk.