Do you dislike making attacks and rolling dice? I might just have the class for you — the Healer (no relation to the 3.5 Healer) is a “remix” of the PHB Cleric.

Here’s the Heroic Healer class:
Download: Essentials Healer (Cleric) v.1

One of my players had voiced the desire to play a “pacifist-type” healer character in our next campaign, so I had a couple ideas stewing already. The Healer is really the culmination of my work on the Captain and the Guild Wars Monk.

You’ll notice, the Healer receives no new attack powers whatsoever. Their encounter power is Life Bond, which is inspired by the Swordmage “Aegis of Shielding,” the obvious differences being its usage limitation and that it doesn’t require a mark.

Now, while I had “pacifist healer” on the mind, I was careful not to place explicit restrictions on the class. I come from a school of thought in which one doesn’t influence behavior by imposing restrictions, but rather by creating incentives.

The Healer has Defensive Ward, which allows him to share the defense bonus of Second Wind or Total Defense with adjacent allies. Additionally, when the Healer uses the Aid Defense option, they provide a greater bonus, and it persists.

More than the other remix classes, the Healer draws utility powers from the original class. You can choose Cleric utilities at 2nd, 6th, and 10th level, and I’ve included recommendations — “Sanctuary,” “Bastion of Health,” and “Shielding Word.”

The big 5th- and 9th-level features are Aid Recovery and Scourge Healing. The former allows the Healer to grant saving throws to the recipients of his healing, while the latter functionally locks down healing in adjacent enemies.

For a “healer” though, the Healer spends quite a bit more time preventing damage than explicitly removing it. Life Bond for one, can be used to prevent between two and three dice worth of damage, and I’m sure everyone wishes they had higher defenses — which the Healer can certainly impart with Total Defense and Aid Defense.

The class goes well with the Pacifist Healer feat and it even goes well with the class thematically. Battlewise is a solid choice if you get a decent Wisdom score, and it may be worth investing in Melee Training if you need to hit something on occasion.

Probably one of the more difficult choices of the class is whether to go with Holy Symbols — which tend to be better for healers — or Staves, which offer better defensive options and (potentially) offensive options for a martially-minded cleric.

Play at your own risk!