The Captain (Apr 2, 2013)

About a month and a half ago, I wrote up the basics for the Captain (Warlord) and posted them for all the Internet to see. Around the middle of April I wrote up Heroic progression for the Warlord, but didn’t share that because I still wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do with it yet. I’ve learned quite a bit in the last month.

Here’s the new Heroic Captain class:
Download: Essentials Captain (Warlord) v.2

Changes to the original start with basic traits — minor revisions to the skill list to incorporate the Acrobatics and Heal skills instead of Intimidate. The captain now receives a +2 bonus to Will and prefers either Strength or Dexterity, depending on whether the player prefers melee or ranged combat.

Versatile Commander really helps to underscore the choice, permitting players to pick scale armor (plus heavy shields) or proficiency with military ranged weapons.

I renamed stuff. Tactical Supremacy is now Expert Commander. I think it better reflects the naming convention suggested by the hunter’s power suite. I revised Inspire Confidence to replace the Vigorous Assault power, and I tweaked both Guide the Strike and Strike and Stand to read a little better.

Commanding Presence exists to offset the removal of the leader heal. Part of the reasoning here is the Captain enables allies to move on his turn, and attack on his turn, which leaves them with the option to heal on their turn if they need it.

The feature Flanking Maneuver is based on the Beast Mastery feature from the Guild Wars Ranger (version 2) I designed, and helps make the captain a master of ally positioning. Coordinated Assault remains almost entirely untouched.

Interesting features await the captain as he progresses through the heroic tier. At 2nd level, the captain provides superior First Aid — once per round as a minor action, as a matter of fact. Additionally, the captain can enable the recharge of second wind.

Later on, Heroic Commander enables a greater boost to the extra healing provided via Commanding Presence — in a manner similar to the Mighty Slayer/Paragon Slayer damage bonuses. Here, it’s a utility replacement instead of a daily replacement.

I wound up dropping Massive Damage because it seemed too good not to use. It’s a power that’s so useful you have to wonder why it’s a power and not simply a class feature of some type. Strictly speaking, it’s more useful than Power Strike, and that makes things less fun for the slayer in the party. Not good.

I like the new captain. I hope you like it too.