Hi everybody, this is probably the first announcement I’ve made in a while. Most of the time I jabber about stuff I’m working on or interesting things I’ve discovered, but I don’t really make “announcements” about things, short of plans for the future.

I’ve been developing a game for RPG Maker VX for a couple months.

What’s different about this one? Well, this is the game I realized I would have to make before I could make Phosophoros — which you can read about in the site archives. Yesterday I mentioned the ‘things we learn during development that make us want to start over and use what we’ve learned to do better.’ This game is that.

During the development of Phosphoros last year, I realized I still had a lot to learn about the design and pacing of a computer roleplaying game. More specifically, there were things I still had to learn about RPG Maker VX which necessitated a fresh start.

I am much better at creating maps now, and it was important as I “leveled up” my cartography skills, the quality of maps remained consistent throughout the game. I’m more confident in my skills now, and I’ve found a style that I like.

The game I am developing now will focus on exploration. I’m using concepts and ideas culled from the last several projects to find a “sweet spot” where I can get appreciable amounts of exploration, combat, world-building, and character development.

My primary influences for the game are Starflight and Alien Logic.

Currently the plan is to make the game a standalone story that is the first part in a larger narrative about the setting, which is War of the Seven States of Magic. I already have a working title — to be revealed later — and I’m developing the story for the first several games while I work on maps, some of which will become recurring locations.

My intent is to make the game fairly open-ended, permitting the player to explore most of the world at their leisure, but it will not be a sandbox-style game. The mechanics I’ve designed will primarily be used to reinforce the game’s setting and narrative.

I’ll reveal more information about the game in the coming weeks as I have more to show for it. You can rest assured the end result will draw heavily on Greek history and mythology, ’cause that’s kind of my schtick now.