I have been really tired the last umpteen weeks, and today started no differently. I woke up slowly, ate breakfast, and shuffled off to work. I got my mugful of water and sipped away. I worked through everything that came my way until all my priority work was done. And then something happened. I realized just how fantastic I felt.

I don’t have any allergies (and thank goodness for that), but I do have sinus reactions to the changing levels of pollen and pollution in the air. My nose drains a little bit more, I get sniffles and sneezes, intermittent coughs, and dry, scratchy feelings in my throat.

But today I feel great.

Last week I bought a three-pack of Benadryl capsules at CostCo, and I’ve taken one in the morning every other day or so — along with Ibuprofen for some aches and pains I’ve been feeling — but I haven’t taken anything yet. I just feel good. And it rocks.

Of course I’m not going to take this as a sign that my body has overcome seasonal whatsiewhosits and allow myself to be blindsided by all the crap that is no doubt incubating in my system while I rejoice over this temporary reprieve.

Oh no. I’m still dosing myself until at least next week.

…Now, I’ve been quasi-active in posting the last couple weeks, certainly nothing approaching my four-plus posts per day of years past, but I’ve been hacking out a couple projects behind the scenes. Mostly stuff that hasn’t really taken form yet, or that I’m not ready to show to the world. (I’m still bummed about Phosphoros.)

Here’s one thing — I completed a D&D campaign for the first time ever! I’m still in disbelief of that one. I have to keep reminding myself of what a splendid personal victory that is. Eventually I’ll get on here and write more about that.

Which reminds me that I’m planning on restarting my video series at some point. I don’t think I’ll continue Scales of War — at least not at any point in the foreseeable future — but I do want to talk about adventure writing and game mastering.

I don’t work from a script, but I am taking notes. My computer is crap for video editing — and I don’t have anyone who can really work at my pace — so I’m improvising for a single take. But I’ve also been running tabletop games for years — that’s how I roll.