Last night, we concluded the events of our year-long 4e D&D campaign, Praise of Stone. Next Monday, I’ll reveal each character’s secret legacy — some stuff that only individual players know, plus a bunch of stuff I haven’t told anyone — as well as the overall impact the party’s adventures have had on the world.

I’ve learned a lot over the last year. While I’m guilty of some strong-arming and no small amount of finagling to make sure the campaign came to a conclusive end, everyone in our group had fun and will have something to remember fondly.

With the experience I’ve gained over the last year, I think I’m in a position to run an even better campaign next time the opportunity arises — which may be sooner, or it may be later. If there’s anything the group takes away from this, it’s that each player tells their own story, whether they’re running a PC or they’re game-mastering.

What happens at the table doesn’t necessarily have to stay there. Each character’s exploits grow with the telling of the tale. Failure isn’t always a bad thing, and can sometimes be more satisfying than — perhaps even preferable to — success.

I’ve created loads of new game master shortcuts, system abridgments, rules content, campaign-adventure-and-character-development concepts, and just … stuff … much of which I’ve shared here, and will continue to share in the coming weeks and months as I process it. Many of my character role work came from running this campaign.

There’s more material than I can imagine covering in blog entries alone, I’m strongly considering the possibility of creating new videos to cover what I’ve been thinking about and developing over the last year.

Finally — I’m working on both the “epilogue” of Praise of Stone, which I’ll likely share here once I’ve given it to my players to chew on, and the foundation for the “next” campaign, following the events of Praise of Stone.