Guild Wars was perhaps the last video game (or anything, really) that I pre-ordered. I’ve been disappointed so much, that I’m not willing to pay the Impatience Tax on picking up new games (or anything, really) the moment they hit the shelves.

But I liked Guild Wars, and I still do. You can see in my archives, I’ve written about it quite a bit, and that I’ve even based a couple of projects around it, like The Ascalon Horror and an unnamed Interactive Fiction project. I even beat Prophesies! Finally!

Anyhow, since I totally forgot about the anniversary of the release of Guild Wars until about a week ago, I decided to do something in celebration of … the anniversary of the release of Guild Wars. [/dull surprise] I’ve been making classes lately, so…

…I thought I’d make some Guild Wars-inspired Essentials classes! Just to 10th level mind you, I don’t want to get too carried away.

Since I’ve been making lots of fighters, I figured I’d start there. I’ve pretty well boxed myself in a corner design-wise, so it should prove interesting to say the least. Maybe there’s a combination of features and powers I haven’t used yet that will give the class a unique and interesting play style? Or maybe not, I guess we’ll have to see.

Though I’m a fan of using obscure keywords and such, I think I’ll try to keep these simple so that gamers familiar with Guild Wars but not D&D can still enjoy them. Oh, and these classes will list standard skills, rather than my refurbished skill set.

Look for the Warrior at some point later today. I think I’ll probably tackle them one at a time, so I can try to finish a class a week. Warrior, then Ranger, and the Monk, and then in no particular order, the Necromancer, Elementalist, and Mesmer.

I have an idea for how to handle the profession multiclassing, and that’s to create each of the core classes around the primary attribute, and create themes for each of the secondary attributes. That way, if a player wants a WaMo, they need only choose the Warrior class and apply the groovy healing theme as a character theme.