I’m sorry, this just got out of hand. I was surfing the Internet and then I thought to myself, “what would a Third Edition fighter class look like in Fourth Edition? Better yet, Essentials?” And then I got to thinking a little bit more, and then I wondered, “can you even make an Essentials class with no encounter- or daily-use powers?”

My answer to that question is, “the Warfighter.”

If you follow Zero Punctuation, then you might get the joke I’m hinting at. This class does war. I borrowed a little bit here and there from some other classes, including quite a few defenders, but this is still (despite its name) a very serious class, meant seriously as an alternative to um, playing a class with powers.

Here’s my Warfighter class for reference:
Essentials Dungeons & Dragons Warfighter Class (v0.1)

This is my second foray into triple-tiered classes, and this class actually goes the distance to incorporate both Paragon Path and Epic Destiny directly. Which in plain English means, “you don’t get a Paragon Path or Epic Destiny with this class.”

You almost literally play it from the PDF I linked to above.

In fact, if not for the race, feats, equipment, and vague promise of a character theme (which you’re technically still privy to), you could almost use the PDF as a character sheet — back and front. This might actually encourage me to create some other, similarly epic character classes spanning all three tiers, but I suppose we’ll see.

Maybe what I’ll do at first is simply splice together character sheet stuff from other classes, and gradually build up a few triple-tiered classes to see what some of the other look like with everything fully integrated. Like the other Essentials classes.