I’ve been playing a dragonborn warlord for quite a while now. I can’t actually say when I started, just that I’ve been playing The Manticore since 1st level. It’s kind of a big deal because I think now I’ve technically been playing TM longer than any other character I’ve made… ever. Longer, more consistently, whatever.

Anyway, I’m of the mind that the warlord class (which I keep dropping the ‘R’ from for some reason) is probably the single most effective leader class there is — with few exceptions. There are simply no leader options more effective than granting attacks to your allies. Vulnerability is nice, but they still have to attack, and that’s hard on them.

Here’s my Captain class for reference:
Essentials Dungeons & Dragons Captain Class (v0.1)

Like the Lurker before, you’ll note I’ve only included the first level of the Captain. That’s partly because only the first level really matters in a Fourth Edition class (as I explained yesterday), but also because I didn’t want to fill it out just yet. I’ll do it eventually, either when I get bored or when someone actually shows an interest.

The focus of the Captain are Coordinated Assault, an encounter power inspired by the Sentinel’s “Combined Attack” power, and the three Tactical Supremacy powers, Guide the Strike, Strike and Stand, and Vigorous Assault, inspired by the three “Expert Archer” powers of the Essentials Hunter.

I noticed Martial classes had the most “stand up” powers, so I created “Strike and Stand” as a helpful anti-prone leader power. I don’t think anything like it really exists anywhere else. Inspire Confidence is also unprecedented as far as I can tell. It’s a no-action class feature that isn’t a power — it replaces Commanding Presence.

The Captain relies extensively on his allies’ ability to perceive him, and can be severely crippled by fighting blind and deaf — hopefully making these two conditions far more interesting to use in combat. I hope to make greater use of certain conditions and keywords as I previously indicated with the Lurker’s Invisibility keyword.

Here I’m also introducing the Command keyword, which I hope to use in connection with powers that grant attacks. For the time being, it’s being used as placeholder for something that I hope will only become more interesting with the passage of time.