It’s been ages, but I added a new region to my mythical Greece. It’s the last little bit of Euboea that I was missing, northeast of Attica. It includes Karystos and a handful of places I’ve never heard of before. Honestly the hardest part of creating this new region was deciding how far south it went — totally into the Cyclades or not?

When I compared my previous work to the area I needed to fill, I felt the best idea was to not stray too far from real-world geography. As much as I would like to fit part of the actual Cyclades islands into a region, several of the islands are large enough to warrant separation from any maps of mainland Greece.

It’s important to note, I’m not trying to accurately recreate Greece geography. Though I suppose it’s more a case of a “based on,” than “inspired by” in many ways, I’m still trying to make something “original.” While also drawing from recognizable mythology.

What inspired this new region was an attempt on my part to reconcile a number of older campaigns I’ve run with the setting I’ve been building. It occurred to me that I needn’t leave the various adventures in their original setting, when I did so much worldbuilding work before. It’s simple enough to re-set the stories in a new world.

It’s part retroactive continuity, part recycling. Every so often I stumble across older works of mine and wonder why they didn’t get finished, published, and so forth, and in a lot of cases, it’s material that had no audience beyond an initial gaming group.

In other news, I’ve been working with my players to establish a “legacy” for each of their characters, which is intended to have a “lasting impact” on the game world once the campaign has concluded, and at the same time, I’m working on integrating older campaign material into the world in similar fashion. (Actual retroactive continuity.)

For some characters, this means making a particular class more prominent, or promoting a certain energy type or power source in the world. There was a shift partway through the campaign (which was somewhat engineered, and somewhat intentional on my part) away from Divine power, to Primal and Arcane.

Consequently, there will be more Primal NPCs next time around, and more Arcane characters in general. We had quite a few Arcane characters, come to think of it.