I’ve had this strange urge to write some Dungeons & Dragons fan fiction that I haven’t been able to quell. I call it fan fiction mostly because I don’t want to create my own world for it, I’d rather just mooch off the existing D&D mythos, thin though it may be.

Of course I had to build a character.

Torment the Vile Scholar

My original thought began with, “Devil Summoner X,” with the ‘x’ being the character’s name. I started poking at wizard builds and thought about possibilities. I decided I wanted to build a tiefling arcanist with a summoner bent, but realized tielfings get a bonus to Constitution OR Intelligence, making them semi-useful summoners.

Instead, I grabbed the “Orb of Deception” class option and decided to go Illusion instead. I figured something more like “Devil Charmer” would work as a character title. I started picking up different Illusion powers, but I started with Cantrips. Chameleon’s Mask, Prestidigitation, Spook, and Suggestion.

When I remembered that the arcanist doesn’t get Bluff as a class skill, I started looking for backgrounds. I picked out the “Brains” background for its association, and decided that my tiefling wizard would also be a criminal at the same time. It’s a fun background. The other associated skill is Streetwise but I wasn’t interested in that.

Somewhere between the ‘ability’ and ‘powers’ tabs I decided my tielfling arcanist was going to be a woman. Not really sure what motivated the decision, it just sort of turned out that way. I’d actually intended to create a male summoner, I figure when the ‘summoner’ part got dropped, the character’s gender was up for grabs.

I chose the first random name that came up for a female tiefling, which was Torment. I figure most tieflings pick up nicknames and titles more easily than given names, though I haven’t decided if Torment remembers her original name or not.

Skills were simple enough, I selected primarily Intelligence-based skills, but made sure to choose Bluff as well, to take advantage of her above-average Charisma and racial bonus to Bluff. Her Dexterity is terrible and that tanks her Stealth skill, but I figure the Chameleon’s Mask cantrip should help her out once per encounter.

Technically I chose Rituals before most of the other options, but I forgot to mention them ’til now — I’d had a vaguely criminal leaning for the character from the start and chose the “Amanuensis” ritual with the intent that she might steal books and scrolls.

The other two rituals I chose were “Alarm” and “Arcane Mark,” because she’s a criminal after all. She has to be able to protect and identify her stuff.

I nearly forgot to give her a character theme at the end, and it probably took the longest of any one part of the character’s creation. I looked at a number of different options, but eventually settled on the “Vile Scholar” theme because it gave her the Abyssal language for free, plus an interesting couple of bonuses and a power.