Quoted from Game Master
“My lady,” Ophelia says, “your ways are making our guests feel uncomfortable.”

Meredith looks mystified by Ophelia’s comments.

Meredith, to Ophelia
My ways, huh? Do you work here? I, uh … uncomfortable? (She straightens up a little.) Well, then, why dinnae anyone say so? I only asked ’cause I wanted to know!

(Loudly.) I don’ want anyone feelin’ uncomfortable ’cause of li’l ole me!

Quoted from Player
To Maredith. “Well… I would like to know you area of work… and what you can do”

Meredith looks at Elena and seems to size her up when she speaks. At first she scrutinizes Elena’s appearance, and it’s obvious she’s looking her up and down at this point, analyzing for weaknesses, perhaps. It gets to the point where she might almost be conducting an imaginary skirmish in her mind when she finally speaks.

Meredith, to Elena
I fight evil an’ injustice where’re I find it. (She jerks a thumb in her own direction, indicating to herself when she speaks.) I’ve been on the road, lookin’ to join a group o’ crusaders, or perhaps an organization adventurin’ for the sake of good.

Truth be told, the order of paladins found my enthusiasm a bit … unmanageable, an so they set me out on my own.

Meredith shrugs.

Meredith, continued
I caught wind o’ what your Darme here was doin’ for good, an’ I thought, ‘There’s a man o’ the cloth whose got his priorities straight!” So, here I am. Y’eve seen quite a bit o’ battle yesself, from the looks of you. What sort of evil you vanquish lately?

Quoted from Player
Elena says in a serious tone. “Our main goal is a very powerful undead…” she tries to see if Meredith is really cut to fight

Meredith gestures to the greatsword slung over her back.

Meredith, to Elena
Powerful undead, you say? Well, I suppose I might still be a li’l wet behind the ears accordin’ to some, but let me tell you, I’m no stranger to a good fight. You want I should show you? I’m always lookin’ for a good sparring partner.

(Meredith grins.) Someone who might be able to keep up wit’ me.