Quoted from Game Master
He’s breathing heavily and is down to his last 5 hit points.

Brother Darme, to Luemus
Good to see you could make it.

Quoted from Luemus
“The ghouls that inspired my dramatic entrance are currently trying to climb up to the window encase you hadn’t noticed.”

Elric gestures towards the bloody mess that is Luemus.

Brother Darme, to Luemus
Is all of that your blood? I’d recommend you get to the back, we’ve got zombies coming in through the barricade (Elric points at the barricade) and assuming the ghouls are right behind you, more enemies soon to be coming through the window.

Stay near the back and don’t get in the way. You’ve ruined our most obvious escape route, unfortunately. If there’s something for you to contribute to this fight, please do so. Otherwise, stay back and look for another way out, if there is one. Maybe see if you can get some of your animal friends to slow those ghouls down outside?

Much obliged.

Quoted from Player
He then pulls out his spear and shield and sets them beside him. He then pulls out his bow and arrow. “Shouldn’t one of us shoot arrows or something at those ghouls while they’re trying to climb?”

Brother Darme, to Luemus
Though I won’t dissuade your efforts, weapons like bows and spears are highly ineffective against the undead. They have no vital organs to puncture, and thus, only weapons that do significant amount of trauma … such as swords and clubs, are effective against these lesser undead.

If you will keep an eye on the window, try to figure out just how many undead there are, and get ready to give me a signal when the ghouls look like they are about to come in the window. I will channel the divine power and drive them back. Hopefully it will be enough to fling them from the roof, such that they will cease to be a problem.

If it isn’t enough, I’ll need you to repel them and keep them from making it in through the window. Damaging them isn’t required, I need you to force them back and shove them off the roof. We want to force them through our choke point.

It’s important that you be the one to fend off the ghouls if it comes to it, Luemus. As the rest of us do not share the elves’ resistance to ghoul fever, we stand the risk of suffering paralysis from their attacks. You are not so vulnerable. If you must, you can use my mace, unless you have a scimitar or other blade handy.