Quoted from Player
“Darme, how should we fight undead? Is there any special tactic we could use? A kind of weapon? Weak points?” she ask interested.

Brother Darme, to Elena
Well, slashing weapons for zombies and bludgeoning weapons for skeletons. It’s best to have a variety of options when facing undead because there are so many kinds.

It’s also good to bring some measure of protection against spells of freezing in case we’re fighting spellcasters, as the undead tend to be resistant to the elements and therefore favor spells of cold. Fire is often a good choice when fighting undead, but there are some undead that fire cannot harm, so you must be careful.

It’s important to have spells that can restore the deepest wounds quickly, as many types of undead have the ability to sap your strength and vital energies. Ultimately, knowledge and preparation are the key to battling the undead, as for any battle.

If you are in truly dire straights, you may be able to use certain kinds of healing potions against them, but I have never had to do so. I have an additional measure I can take against the undead. The divine energy I wield instills awe of the divine in them and causes them to flee or else suffer divine wrath.

Elric mentions a few other things, as an afterthought:

Brother Darme, to Elena
When it comes to fighting undead, a strong arm and a healthy resolve are more important than any spells you might have. Though I suppose when it comes to a ghost, specter, shadow, or some other creature without a body, leave the fighting to the spellcaster. Though holy water is an option, it’s safer to retreat and come back with a priest or mage who can handle the spirit.

Meredith looks put off as she is continually ignored by Darme. As he breezes by her once more on his way back to his room, she yells at his back:

Meredith, to Elric
Hey! I’m tryin’ to talk to you, you bloody great git!

Elric stops walking and turns to face her.

Brother Darme, to Meredith
What? What can I do for you?

Meredith, to Elric
Well, I just wanted to talk to you, is all. And, well. (Meredith shuffles her feet a little bit.) Now I don’t even remember what about!

Brother Darme, to Meredith
Ah, well then. Feel free to ask me when you remember.