Last night I went to some effort to update the Elric Darme page on the navigation bar. You can now find the first forty-two entries of my play-by-post adventure, neatly organized and summarized for your convenience. You’ll find Elric Darme if you go to Roles > Elric Darme on the navigation bar. That wasn’t too hard, was it?

Going through the old game posts, I’m reminded the reasons I totally cut off communication with our game master. The guy was a complete tool. I’m sure he could be quite better now, reformed even. He could regret his actions and want a total reconciliation, but I wouldn’t give it to him. Not after what we went through.

You know, it doesn’t make me proud to say it, and I wouldn’t say I really hate anyone or anything unless I was in a really foul mood, but I think he earned a fair amount of ire for the various shenanigans he pulled. Honestly, I’m surprised more of my original gaming group doesn’t loathe me right back. I know I was a jerk.

Maybe that’s part of the reason I wouldn’t ever consider doing the “friend” thing with him anymore. It wasn’t just that he acted like a total jerk toward me and the other players, but that he didn’t learn better from me – he was there for all my own shenanigans and he didn’t learn better. He made the exact same mistakes.

It might not even be so much that I dislike him, I honestly don’t even think about him that much except when I tell of Elric’s adventures, but the memory of him brings back memories of when I wasn’t the most fantastic of people. He did enough on his own to be sure, but there’s also that sting of, “I used to be just as bad.”

Nowadays, I fancy myself a better person. Kinder. More responsible. It may be true or it might not be. I’ve suffered and endured a lot in the last five years, and I think I’ve matured. Maybe I have, maybe I haven’t. I don’t suppose it’s really the sort of thing for me to decide, it’s reflected in the people around me.

Maybe not what you expected from a post entitled “The Adventures of Elric,” but it’s something of a site update, and it’s something about the character recorded here on the site. Maybe a bit of insight into me as a writer. Lol, or a person. *shrug*