Quoted from Game Master
You finally notice that those cuffs around their wrists and ankles were too large and would not magically readjusts themselves to fit against a small creature like a wererat.

Brother Darme, to Luemus
I had a feeling those chains weren’t going to be as effective as that smith said they would be.

Throughout the night, Elric meditates and prays.

Once both characters have returned to their humanoid forms, Elric will climb down and cover Elena’s sleeping form, as asked. He also gathers up her clothes and deposits them near her, so they will be available when she awakens.

Quoted from Game Master
On the main forest path you notice a rather large bear walk along its path on top of it sits a small halfling wearing pelt like armor with a hood from a dead wolf.

When the wolf-clad stranger approaches, Elric will walk slowly towards him with both of his empty hands in plain sight (looking as harmless as possible).

Brother Darme, to the halfling
My name is Elric Darme. Two of our companions have been infected by the bite of a shapechanger. We’re seeking a cure for their ailment. He have reason to believe that a druid living in these woods can help us.

Quoted from Game Master
“What if it is the natural things of order that had happened to you and your friends?”

“Oh well … it seems you stayed in here during the fullmoon? Bad idea, its a magical barrier, keeps people who like poking their nose into things that they shouldn’t be in a cage until we come along and deal with them.”

Elric hasn’t tried to leave the barrier, but the moment that Zikn mentions the barrier, his face and his tone become more stern.

Brother Darme, to druid
We seek the aid of the druids, surely you don’t intend to hold us against our will? That seems rather inhospitable to me. And tell me, what is more natural, when faced with a predator, than to fight for one’s life?

This disease that threatens my companions’ livelihood is the very predator of which I speak, and they choose to fight it. Is that not the natural way of things?