These were my last contributions as a character in the campaign before I took over for the duration of a dungeon. The game master took up the role of a psychopathic dwarf barbarian while on break. It’d be a while before Elric was a PC again.

When Luemus gives Elric the signal, he’ll move closer to the window and direct his turn undead ability out the window (by shoving his holy symbol out the window if necessary). Since turn undead requires “line of effect” but not “line of sight,” he should be able to hit anything near the window first.

Turn Undead check
17+5 = 22 (9-HD undead max)

Turn Undead damage
9+7 = 16 (16 HD worth of undead)

Exalted Turning damage
5+5+2 = 12 (damage dealt to turned undead only)

Round 15-20
Elric continues to try and direct his allies to where they would be the most helpful while he stays back and stands by to move in and heal when needed. As stated before, he saves the big healing for the fighters. He takes Readied actions to deliver healing via his Improved Healing Domain Power.

Brother Darme, to Lyn
Lyn, I think now would be a good time to use your magic!

Brother Darme, to Elena
Elena! You’re still wearing that ring I gave you, right? I’m going to activate it!

Rounds 21-25
First things first, assuming Elena is still wearing the ring he gave her, he’s going to spontaneously cast the shield other. He will absorb half the damage that Elena takes for her. He’s got 60 hit points, so that should give her a significant boost.

Elric directs his allies to where they will be helpful, and Readies all his actions to cast healing spells on the first fighter who looks to be taking the most damage. He’s still got status active, so he should be able to tell at least who’s taking the most damage.

Elric doesn’t approach within range of zombie. He uses his healing is to keep the fighters alive, and avoids getting into melee range except to heal.

He uses Cure Light Wounds, but if it looks like the zombie is doing more than about 8-9 points of damage, Elric will alternate between Cure Light and Cure Moderate. If the zombie is doing *significantly* more damage, like averaging 12-16 or more damage, then Elric will alternate between Cure Moderate, and will use Cure Serious if needed.