Quoted from Player
“I actually dont know about this Banshee you say. I only know he’s to be trusted. He has helped me in many ways.”

Meredith, to Elena
Well, of course he’s to be trusted! He’s the great Darme! He’s wrestled a black dragon and slain a banshee! I heard he once fought off a hundred slavers at once, with naught but his wit and a pointy stick!

Well, maybe that one might be a tall-tale, but you get my meanin’, aye?

Anyone who’d adventured with the Darme of stories must be of equal renown, aye? I’d be happy to learn at the knee of anyone who’s fought at his side! D’you mean now? ‘Cause I’d be happy to learn now! And I can show you my own power at the same time!

Quoted from Player
“I believe you’re rather overestimating me, I haven’t been with Elena and Darme for very long either.”

Meredith, to Luemus
Well, I suppose I won’t press the issue if you don’t feel you’re up to it … erm, what was your name again? I’ve heard of Elena and Darme, but who are you again? Anyway, I suppose I’d be happy to learn from Elena, if’n she doesn’t mind showing me a thing or two. I’m sure there’s plenty for me to learn.

At the end of three days of solitude, Elric emerges from his room, having scribed three major scrolls for his personal use. He hears Elena out, but doesn’t speak with anyone else, only nodding and making barely passable acknowledgments.

Each one of the scrolls that Elric scribed is rather large, each one almost as big as a book. Should anyone happen to cast Detect Magic, one scroll radiates as faint abjuration, one as faint conjuration, one as faint evocation.

Brother Darme, to Elena
I am ready to leave now, wherever our travels take us. The undead you speak of are troubling, and I agree their presence requires our immediate attention. It seems our best course of action is to seek out the undead and find who or what spawned them. I have no qualms with or conditions for anyone traveling with us.

Meredith, to Elric
Ah … man o’ few words, aren’t you?

Brother Darme, to Meredith

Realizing that they can’t get started unless they have some proper directions, Elric asks around to see if any of the locals or visitors of Steinroad know more about the rumors of undead nearby.

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