Blame cookiemonger for introducing me to Yu-Gi-Oh! the Abridged Series. We have ‘project meetings’ from time to time, and parodies have come up on more than one occasion. When she asked me what anime series I would want to “abridge,” I suggested Revolutionary Girl Utena. The idea stewed a while.

I like Utena for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is that it tells a complete story from beginning to end. I’ve even written a parody of the show, a piece of Invader ZIM fan fiction called “Doom Doom Revolutionary Invader ZIM.”

(The premise replaced fencing with Dance Dance Revolution battles.)

When I started to seriously consider creating a parody abridgment of an anime series, I fixated on Bleach, because I saw it as a show that could certainly “benefit” from a serious abridgment. CM asked me why I didn’t consider Utena, when I had told her it was the series I wanted to abridge. I pouted and fussed and made excuses.

I made overtures about creating a parody abridgment of Bleach, but in the back of my head I still had CM questioning my choice. And then by chance or by fate, I developed a spontaneous craving for a song by Seal, “Kiss From A Rose.”

Days passed. I’m the sort of person who can pick up the melody of a song after hearing it once without catching a single word of the lyrics. I might hum it ten years later and not know who wrote it or remember where it came from.

And then I had an idea. That idea turned into a pitch, which I emailed to CM. She convinced me to throw out the contrived music jokes I didn’t know enough about to make properly funny (I’ve got nothing on LittleKuriboh), but she encouraged me to write a script. I wrote about half a script and showed it to her. She liked it.

I refined my idea for the pilot and reviewed the first couple episodes of the series. We talked about voices for the characters, and I experimented a little bit to figure out what kind of voices I would need. CM suggested voices based on the ones I use in D&D.

At this point, I’m confident enough in the resources I have to nearly commit to the project. My stumbling-block is that I don’t have proper equipment to record and produce the work. I don’t have a working microphone (I’ve worn out three in the last ten years) or video-editing software. I do however, possess the skills to use them.

I processed the audio for the Anime Expo Masquerade in 2009. I learned how to use the free audio editing software Audacity over a weekend and edited about forty minutes of audio for the show. I’ve even taken a class or two on video editing.

My intent now is to seek funds through Kickstarter to produce an audio version of a parody abridgment of Utena. I already have about half a script for the pilot episode, and I plan to write as much of the abridgment as I can before the fundraiser begins.

At this stage, I intend to provide all the voices for the parody myself. I don’t have any formal voice training but I’ve been a hobbyist voice impersonator for over a decade. While my impersonations aren’t actually all that great, my voice is pretty versatile.

While I would love to produce a video version of the abridgment, that isn’t my initial goal. I would have to acquire software and relearn video editing. I’d make that an “super-fund” goal, but I wouldn’t make that the primary goal of the Kickstarter. No, instead I’d seek funds for a microphone. The rest is gravy.