Quoted from Game Master
“And no cleric I am not asking you to speak for them. I’ve heard enough from you and your views on your particular knowledge of other peoples affair.”

Elric is still speaking in a perfectly calm voice, without a hint of anger, frustration or aggression. He speaks frankly and without a trace of sarcasm in his voice.

Brother Darme, to the druid
Please don’t misunderstand me. My companions are perfectly capable of speaking for themselves though I must stress that the affairs of my companions are also my affairs. Trust me, I would not otherwise be sharing their predicament, and I would not be here having this lovely chat with you.

And I do believe you will have heard “enough” from me when either you, or I, have left. As it turns out, my companions and I are prisoners here, of these spirits that you speak of. Now, I begin to question your motives. Why do you ask such prying questions? What interest do you have in us at all?

Surely by now you must understand that we have come here seeking aid to remove the affliction that plagues us, and if we don’t receive said aid, we will swiftly depart and seek our other options. Or is this also not perfectly obvious?

Quoted from Game Master
“You seem to think that I can read minds or something. It is not perfectly clear to me what you intend to do.

Give me a good argument as to why I should be interested in removing the gift from you and you shall have it.

And I do not want to hear it coming out of the mouth of the cleric.”

Brother Darme, to the druid
I think that our words were clear. We told you why we came, and we made our reasons clear. You seem to have ignored them. I have my own doubts about your intentions, and I see no further reason for any of us to discuss them with you.

You prattle has cause my mind to wander, your presence disturbed my peace. I am curious, now, about the integrity of this barrier.

Elric places a hand on the barrier to feel how strong it is.

Brother Darme, to the druid
I would rather take my chances with the beasts than stay here and make idle conversation with the likes of you.

Dispel Magic (attempt #1)
2+5 = 7

Dispel Magic (attempt #2)
3+5 = 8

Dispel Magic (attempt #3)
13+5 = 18

((If the barrier hasn’t been dispelled by the third attempt, Elric will resume attempting to dispel the barrier after meditating for an hour.))