To liven things up a bit, and give the players the opportunity to create characters more on par with some of the new characters joining their ranks, we were given “cohorts,” brand new first-level characters to play alongside our “mains.” Elric had become increasingly bitter so I made Meredith to be more upbeat.

Meredith was a happy-go-lucky sort of paladin who was Lawful Good and devoted, but at the same time – she liked to laugh and have a good time. I brought her in to give me someone who wouldn’t constantly argue with me about the right thing to do. Also, playing two characters sounded like a bad idea to me and I protested.

Quoted from Player
“Hey…” she says kindly with a great smile, she’s that happy to be free from the curse “I’ll be around here if you need anything else”

Brother Darme, to Elena
Elena, I … haven’t got much to say at the moment, I’m afraid. I’m going to need several days to myself, if that’s alright. If there’s trouble, um, well, let me know if you need to leave Steinroad. I’ll try to work as quickly as possible.

Upon arriving back at Steinroad, Elric immediately sequesters himself away from the others, going so far as to take out a separate room at the inn. While alone, he accepts no visitors, and accepts no meals, instead supporting himself through multiple castings of Create Food and Create Water.

((In this time, Elric scribes a number of different scrolls.))

Quoted from Game Master
“Lady Elena and Brother Elric, we’ve heard grand tales from you … We wish to accompany you and witness your greatness.”

Meredith wanders around the tavern, almost rudely bursting in one people’s conversations and asking to know if anyone’s seen a man by the name of Elric Darme. She loudly proclaims that she’s a paladin and she’s looking for him.

Meredith, to the bar
Pardon me? Pardon me? Anyone seen a man named Darme? Maybe spoke to him recently? I’m lookin’ for him, don’cha know! Anyone seen him?

Come on, there’s no need to be shy, I’m not goin’ to bite’cha! Or him! (Meredith laughs heartily.) I’ve jus’ heard these great things about him an’d I wanted to meet him, don’cha know? Anyone? Come on!

Meredith tries to muscle her way over to the bar and pry apart some people who seem to be ignoring her.

Meredith, continued
Doesn’t anyone want to help a lovely young lady like mesself? Any takers?