Quoted from Game Master
There are literally dozen and dozen of mindless undead roaming the field now. It reaks and smells foul and rotten. Some of the zombie now climb up the stairs towards your barricaded room.

Elric cast the Status spell before the zombies started swarming in to attack. It has a duration of 5 hours and will let him know and he will use it to keep track of who needs healing the most and try to coordinate the battle.

If possible, Elric casts Bull’s Strength on both Elena and Meredith before the actual fighting begins (5 minutes duration) so he doesn’t have to waste combat turns buffing. If that doesn’t work out, he waits ’til combat actually starts. Otherwise, bump his turns up 2 (i.e. Prayer on Round 1 instead of 3, etc.).

Elric’s Initiative
18+5 = 23

Elric stays back from the barricade and away from the window, where he can keep an eye on both, so he can see everything that’s going on. He also needs to remain near the center so he can easily reach anyone who might need healing.

He catches Elena’s attention for a moment.

Brother Darme, to Elena
Next time, I get to pick where we make our stand. (Elric smirks.) Lyn! I know you’re anxious, but save your spells. Let Elena and Meredith handle the zombies, in case we need your spells for … another foe…

Elena and Meredith, you need to hit them as they come through the barricade. Try to hold the line. Let one in at a time, and watch out in case they try to move or surge through the barricade. Make sure they go down and stay down.

Round 1
Elric casts Bull’s Strength on Elena.

Round 2
Elric casts Bull’s Strength on Meredith.

Round 3
Elric casts Prayer, which has a range of 40 feet. No saving throw. Hopefully by now there will be plenty of zombies in the burst area that allies will benefit from the +1 attack/damage and the zombies will suffer from the -1.

Allies get +1 luck bonus to attack, damage, saves and skills.
All enemies take a -1 penalty to attack, damage, saves, and skills.

Round 4
If at this point, anyone has been badly injured (more than 20 damage) Elric will use a cure moderate or cure light, depending on if they’re conscious or not. HE SAVES ALL HIS BETTER HEALING FOR THE FIGHTERS, Elena and Meredith. HE WILL NOT CAST ANY HEALING SPELLS BEFORE ROUND 4, unless a boss comes smashing in and starts mauling the party, or something ridiculously unexpected like that.

Round 4+
Elric will focus most of his attention on directing his allies to where they would be the most effective, and attacking a zombie if for some reason one gets past Elena or Meredith. He keeps an eye on their possible escape route, the window, in case the fight gets too bad and they need to escape, he wants to make sure the path is clear.

He will do everything he can to make sure the two fighters keep fighting, covering them if they get knocked down so they can stand up without Opp Attacks.

Elric will only use Turn Undead if the party is overwhelmed or if something unexpected like a boss shows up and starts STOMPING THE YARD.